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About Me

As mentioned on the Home Page, my name is Colin Litchfield, and I’ve been involved with business building, branding, website design, etc, for a while now.  I’d like to talk a little bit about how I got to the point I am at today.

Now, I don’t want to give you a long drawn out life story or anything, so I’ll just touch on some of the main points relating to what I am doing here.


The Beginning

My entrance into the online world started when I was quite young.  My very first experience with building websites was about 13-15 years ago.  My memory is a bit hazy so I don’t remember exactly how long ago it was.

Anyways, I was about 10-12 years old, and I had just gotten access to the internet, on an old 14k Dial Up modem.  It was slow as anything, but I was fascinated with the websites available online, and wanted to create my own.  So I set out and signed up for a free account at Tripod.  I’m not sure if they are still around, but I had free hosting with this company and in return they put up banner advertising on my pages.

I started a few basic websites at Tripod based around my hobbies.  This was the way I learned to code in HTML, I learned via trial and error, seeing what works, and what doesn’t.

I always found that with certain things I was better at learning something on my own rather than being taught, and creating websites was one of those things. As I aged, the different aspects of website creation/design started becoming more and more natural.


Picking up Steam

Okay, let’s fast track to my late teen years.  I have a solid foundation of website creation, with most of the basics under my belt and then some.

At around 17 I knew I wanted to earn my living online.  At this point I started learning everything I could about online marketing.  I devoured all the information I could on subjects such as PPC(Pay Per Click) Advertising, writing sales copy, and creating content such as articles.  Over the next several years I learned even more, I dug into information on Search Engine Optimization(ranking websites naturally), PPV(Pay Per View) Advertising, Social Media, Video Creation, and a whole lot more.

Overtime my internet connection certainly became faster, and I also became better at ranking my websites, and creating quality content to place on them.  I also learned many different ways to drive traffic to my websites.  This is probably one of the most important aspects to web development.  What good is a website, if nobody is seeing it and interacting with it?  The way to be seen, and attract new clients is to form multiple streams of traffic to your website.  Notice how I said “multiple”, this is important, as it builds in some redundancy and different points of failure(not that we want our traffic sources to “fail”).  If one stream slows down or stops completely, then you know there are still others in place to pick up the slack.


Jump to Today

So now, after all that learning and experience, I am left with quite a bit of knowledge in regards to building/designing websites, getting them ranked online, as well as creating interesting designs and content for websites.  I also have a lot of experience with different types of advertising and marketing.  I can create videos, and help create a social presence through Social Media.  I also know how to build traffic, and leads to just about any business.


How does this effect you?

Now you may be thinking, “That is all well and good, but what does that have to do with me?”.

My mission with all of this, is to help as many people as I can, get themselves setup on the internet.  Whether you have a website or not, own a long existing business, or are just starting one.  I will strive you help you in any way I can.

You may need help getting your website created and hosted on the internet, or may need content for your website.  Or maybe you need a fresh design for your website or logo, and perhaps you want to have your website ranked at the top of major Search Engines such as Google and Yahoo for certain search terms.  Whatever you need, I am here to help.

With that said, I strive to keep my prices competitive.  I don’t have much overhead, as it is just me and my keyboard working to deliver great services to you.


P.S. – If you have read through this page, I’d like to say “Thank You”.  I hope you enjoy your stay, please spend some time and take a look at my services, and please feel free to Contact me for further information on anything that interests you.